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The 100% Syrah grapes are sources from Napa, Somona, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties (not sure where the wine is made and how they kept the grapes from deteriorating during travels to the winery) and the wine uses 81% new French oak--I guess the other 19% is old French oak but the website doesn't say.

The wine was barrel aged for 10 months and is unfined, unfiltered and is black purple in color.

This weekend I discovered the existence of something called AAMPLE, which stands for the Alternative Admissions Model for Legal Education.

I haven't been able to run down who created and markets it, but it appears to be a standardized program that a number of law schools -- the number is unclear, but as of two years ago was apparently about 22 --employ.

(Some of these schools appear to employ less pernicious -- shorter and less expensive -- variations on the program than the one described below).

While eye catching labels are often inversely proportional to high quality, Red Car belies that stricture and offers interesting stories, artwork or both on all of its wines, while making some pretty good juice too.

For one thing, most law schools who have AAMPLE programs are remarkably reticent about the fact.

I went to the web sites of the 22 schools that LSAC listed as having such programs as of April 2010, and in most cases it was impossible to find any information about them, or indeed that they even existed (prospective law students can't apply for the program without first being invited to do so by the school after being rejected in the regular application process).

"Fangul" is not an Italian word, but its probable origins are in the Italian word "Vaffanculo", which means "Go fuck yourself". If done with less intensity, it can also simply mean "No" or "None".

In Italian culture this gesture means "Chi se ne frega? In Italian-American culture, on the other hand, the gesture means "Screw You! There is a subtle difference between the offensive version of the gesture and the innocuous version.

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