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Posted by / 25-Apr-2020 00:33

Computer not updating daylight savings time

In any given timezone, as you get further away from the equator, there are more hours of daylight per day in summer than there are in winter.

So, the goal of DST is to maximize the daylight hours available during typical waking hours. So, instead of waking up at AM to take advantage of the extra daylight, DST observers move their clocks ahead by one hour.

Some people told me that the problem is CMOS battery but it couldn't be since it is new.

I cannot contact the store because right now I'm here in Singapore.specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit4 GB DDR3 RAMAMD Radeon HD 6450MIntel Core-i5 2nd generation (2.30 GHz)and can't find anywhere to post *however* mine is caused by a hacker that thought it "funny" to add a program he found at a website I won't mention here.

I didn't check, but I guess the timezone difference between UAE and Singapore is 4 or 5 hours. After windows starts check to see if the time and date has changed, if not switch the computer off for a few hrs and restart and check the bios settings to see if it has changed, if so, your CMOS battery is probably dead.

Let us see what is Daylight Saving Time, what this notification means and how to change Daylight Saving Time on a Windows system.

Microsoft Windows has established an annual update schedule for Daylight Saving Time (DST) and Time Zone (TZ) releases.

In the southern hemisphere, the changes are the opposite.It's horrible that each time you log off the computer you then need to change the date and time !I haven't read all the posts here (only 10) but I can assure you :1) it's not the battery 2) that if they didn't live next door to me I never would have known someone could come into your home and add a program they had put to disk and leave in the time it took to walk a dog outside ! If I turn this feature off, then the time is right. Can someone help me to get my OS to report the correct time throughout the year? Time is wrong when "Adjust automatically" is set: Time is correctly when this is disabled: . Daylight savings time changed this weekend, and my computer is not showing the correct time. If I set "Adjust for daylight savings time automatically" then the time is wrong.

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Those of you who do not know what is Daylight saving time DST, let me explain in brief.