Dating for customers

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Dating for customers

go kayaking in the Hudson River." Those who are interested in specific dates can then contact the person and, potentially, follow through on meeting up.

The focus of online dating is then placed on the date idea and experience itself rather than browsing through users' profiles, say the founders., who are friends from childhood and former high-school teachers, launched How About We because they wanted to solve a "deep human problem" that wasn't being addressed: the dating industry doesn't push people to meet offline and share experiences to build their relationships.

Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout, the founders of dating website How About We, say that to keep customers happy and run a successful business, you need to find and fix a problem.

With the motto, "personality is more than fur deep," the website says they believe pets are unique individuals, just like humans.

The topic of data insights terrifies many small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs)....

Search engines are ever-changing, increasingly shifting their focus on user intent and behaviour....

"Somebody emailed us the other day with a picture of a baby they have; they met on How About We.

The problem is, once they connect and they're in a relationship, they have no use for our product."Realizing that they were losing the successful matches, Schechter and Schildkrout decided to come up with a product for these couples.

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He believes that one of the major flaws with marketing is the general belief that "more is better"—that more getting more eyeballs on a product will lead to more customers.

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