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rossi and slade smiley have been engaged for three years — and insist they’re still in love as ever! the very producers on the uncensored episode tried to discredit gretchen & slade.continued, “i am also personally aware and have seen the emails from your producers who did not want the other housewives attending the engagement party because it did not match with ‘the storyline.“we’re still trying to have a baby,” rossi said.“i personally witness gretchen & slade’s deep love and commitment to one another each and every time i visit them in orange county or at the home of gretchen’s parents in bass lake.they really made it an event for all their guests all weekend long.

It’s so funny because at this point, I’m like, screw it. Because like every time we have a plan or have something, it always is like getting messed up.” Despite the couple’s multiple failures at walking down the aisle, Gretchen Rossi insisted to the magazine that she and Smiley will one day tie the knot.Gretchen had some of her eggs surgically retrieved and Slade had surgery for testicular sperm extraction, and while doctors were able to fertilize 14 embryos, none of them survived long enough to be implanted.'It’s cliché to say it, but I’ll be happy with either because I haven’t had children yet,' she confessed., which showed a clip of Judge saying Rossi had “this big plan to propose to Slade” to secure her spot on the show. ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Season 11 Secrets Revealed In a shocking letter addressed to Uncensored host Cohen, obtained exclusively by Radar, Larson-Smiley, wrote, “I am the mother-in-Law (to be) of Gretchen Rossi, and mother of Slade Smiley.Gretchen Rossi was brought aboard the series during her engagement to a man named Jeff, who later died of leukemia.Following his death, Rossi and Smiley struck up a romance, which eventually led her to propose during season eight of the series.

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