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The Vermilion Lakes are a series of lakes located immediately west of Banff, Alberta, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.The three lakes are formed in the Bow River valley, in the Banff National Park, at the foot of Mount Norquay.On July 7, 1777, the Battle of Hubbardton occurred.The engagement possesses a distinction of its own - the only battle of the American Revolution fought on Vermont soil.

Another 10 years passed before the first settlers, two Connecticut families, arrived to clear land in what is present day East Hubbardton.Though the battle is considered a draw in history, the losses inflicted on the British forced them to halt at Hubbardton and not continue their chase of the Americans.Hubbardton has very few businesses and no large employers.With views of the Old Man of Coniston and a strong reputation for good food and cask ales, the pub is popular with both locals and tourists.The pub also boasts 10 well-equipped letting rooms.


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