Letland dating sider

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Letland dating sider

The celebration used to take place during the longest day and the shortest night of the year, June 21.

The Christianization of Latvia moved the date forward to the eve of June 24, the St. The Soviet authorities prohibited the celebration altogether in the 1960’s as nationalistic.

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) in Latvian law are individuals who are not citizens of Latvia or any other country but, who, in accordance with the Latvian law "Regarding the status of citizens of the former USSR who possess neither Latvian nor other citizenship", have the right to a non-citizen passport issued by the Latvian government as well as other specific rights.

The referendum held in October 1998 eliminated the "windows" system, which limited the age groups allowed to naturalize each year.

It also gave the right to children of non-citizens born in Latvia after August 21, 1991 to be registered as citizens without naturalisation15.

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Latvian non-citizens can be regarded neither as citizens, nor aliens or stateless persons but as persons with "a specific legal status" (..) 17.

It is a day when cities vacate and every civil servant and bank clerk shows their pagan side.

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It originated as an ancient fertility festival celebrated after sowing the crops and before gathering harvest.