Oberlin dating

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Oberlin dating

Some weekends I find I have too much I want to do and have to make decisions on doing work and attending plays or concerts, watching movies and occasionally attending parties.

I also really enjoy attending lectures on topics of interest usually in the biology or classics departments but sometimes another department's lecture will catch my interest.

Say what you may about these sensible shoes; these kids can’t seem to get enough of them.

If you have a nose ring, stud or septum piercing, the hipster elite may grant you some eye contact, but don’t get too confident.Many Obies have been perplexed by the panorama of romantic engagements that exist within the Oberlin bubble.I, from the outset a horny and carefree first-year, plunged right into the Oberlin dating scene with no real concept of what it looks like on paper. Either you wake up the next morning in horror and throw up all over your new partner as an excuse to make them leave your room and NEVER COME BACK…or you trade numbers with hopes of following up—or not.Stick to campus events- you can check out the events calendar on the Oberlin website, but even that's not complete.There is so much to do on campus or in town that most people stay on campus over weekends.

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