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— Radio was recently awarded “World’s Best Online Dating Coach” at the PUA World Summit in San Francisco.Here is a clip about the 150 Date Challenge: We’d like to thank e Dating Doc for their support of one of the most deviant web sites on the internet.

your emails til they look like giant I WANT YOU NOW buttons! You’re in the right place if you want to take control of your love life and… I’d turn on music to pump myself up before the call just so I could pick up the phone. I really messed everything up completely at the beginning.

The e Dating Doc makes it clear – it provides (many) tips regarding the ins and outs of what it takes for a guy to date online.

The main tools of ‘e Dating’ get a thorough analysis here, including a guy’s photos and profile, as well as how to master emailing and calling all those luscious lasses, and even an overview of current online dating sites.

Whether you want to take advantage of the current increasing promiscuity of women online or looking for a relationship, e Dating is the ultimate resource for online dating strategy.

A few things about its founder, Radio Wright, and its founder: — A portion of all proceeds from e Dating go to Big Brothers Big Sisters where Radio volunteers his time as a Big Brother to young men in need of a masculine figure in their life.

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Although attraction is often an intuitive, unconscious phenomenon, two U. researchers have found a way to predict what will likely tickle your fancy. Eastwick, an assistant psychology professor at Texas A&M University, and Eli Finkel, a social psychology professor at Northwestern University, to discuss their findings and why online dating profiles may not be the best way to meet partners. Thousands — yes, thousands — of other men copied and pasted those good profiles verbatim and passed themselves off as the self-deprecating, adventurous, masculine men.