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This is a product that will be useful to you if you are already getting some success with women, but don't get consistent results. In order to use it you already need to have some basic approaching and attracting women skills. It is high on theory and low on implementation 'how to' advice.

For instance, you get a lot of success with some types of women but not others (perhaps the ones you want). This makes it difficult for you to implement unless you already understand a lot and can use the theoretical ideas to figure implementation out for yourself. Vin Di Carlo and Brian Burke have done a good job of capturing some of the major differences between women in the 3 dimensions they give you in Pandora's Box.

This girl is ugly, usually fat, boring and sucks in just about everyway possible.

If you don’t know a common-stock pig when you see one, you are destined to spend the rest of your life with one.

Like the secrets to the “3 Questions that turn a girl on” and getting Total Devotion from women.

Yes, you should be feeling good because you’re going to get some SECRET INSIGHT on Vin Di Carlo Pandoras Box before you buy.

The matching system is very unique and thorough, which helps narrow down the dating pool.

e Harmony is one of the most sophisticated sites in that it takes all the work out of finding that special someone. marriages, the site's compatibility-based matching system and serious user base are ideal for those seeking a lifelong partner. While e Harmony doesn’t provide matching search options for its users, the site’s layout is simple and easy to maneuver, with clearly-labeled sections to help you move from one page to the next.

Once users complete a comprehensive personality test, e Harmony finds singles for you based on compatibility. An average of 542 members marry every day in the U. Registration does take about an hour to complete, but it’s well worth it because e Harmony processes your information quickly in order to provide you with the best match suggestions.

Even if you have to travel on a low budget, there’s always a last-minute deal somewhere.

But imagine having a girl waiting for you at Bangkok airport to join you in the cab to your hotel... Yep, if you get chatting with a few girls via my dating system, one of them be more than willing to meet up at the airport!

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If you are advanced it will help you think more strategically about your game, and change your behavior to fit each women (as they are different).

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