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Lectrosonics claims that the "SRb is very similar in range to a 411a and definitely better than an SRa.

In very tough RF environments, 411a is still superior." So, a few of us Sound geeks got together in Brooklyn, NY and ran this side by side test in Block 20 using an SMQV going into an SRb and a UCR411a set to the same frequency.

Hollins also talks about the engine position of the new Viking model, as well as its offroad capabilities, including the On-Command system and Ultramatic transmission. Standard models come in Steel Blue, Hunter Green (with sun top), Red (with sun top) and Realtree AP HD camo (with sun top).

The non-EPS models start at ,499 MSRP while the EPS models start at ,499 MSRP.

Many are currently using the single channel UCR411a receivers but many also use the dual channel SRb's.

It's tough to say one is a "better" choice than the other or is more industry standard but we ran some side by side tests comparing the two.

The major differences between the Lectrosonics UCR411a and the SRb are physical and design; The SRb is dual channel as opposed to single channel, acting as two receivers in one unit; this unit is not double the size of the 411a, rather it is smaller in weight and volume.

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As far as extra features go, you get speakerphone capabilities along with NFC tap-to-pair technology for smartphones that support it.