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"He proposed to me at home and gave both Ricki and me rings," Maynard gushed to Us at the time.

"It was so sweet." (The blonde reality star also teased a "good year" ahead on her Instagram as she welcomed 2014.) PHOTOS: Emily Maynard's suitors The couple's baby news comes nearly six months after they tied the knot at Johnson's family farm in South Carolina last June.

Has former “Bachelor” winner and “Bachelorette” star Emily Maynard found a non-“Bachelor-related man? The magazine reports that Maynard has been seeing Tyler Johnson, a philanthropist based on Maynard’s hometown of Charlotte, N. “They’ve been dating for a while,” says a source, telling the magazine that Emily is so concerned with keeping the relationship on the down low that she’s told members of her church that he’s her brother. Emily’s been trying to keep it a secret,” the source adds.

Now, we used a little of our Google-fu to see if we could find you a picture of this new man of Emily’s — and we believe we succeeded with the above pictures from his Linked In and Twitter accounts.

beauty met in church, are "very serious.""He's met her daughter, Ricki, and they're already like a little family unit," the source says.

A year later, she starred on her very own season of , where she ultimately got engaged to contestant Jef Holm. PHOTOS: Celebrity splits in 2014 In January 2014, Maynard exclusively broke the news to Us that she was engaged to Johnson.

She graduated from Boston University with a degree in journalism and is a former member of the BU women's golf team.

Reach her at [email protected] follow her on Twitter @cpatracuolla.

Maynard revealed that Johnson popped the question not on New Year's Eve, but on January 4—probably to throw her off!

She confirmed in an interview back in July 2013 that she was seeing someone she'd known for a long time, but didn't say who. Maynard was so worried about the news of their relationship leaking to the press that she and Johnson actually told fellow parishioners that they were brother and sister. He's a romantic, but he's not into cliches.

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Tyler Johnson works for the Automotive Development Group in Charlotte, N. That profile also lists his interest in philanthropy and humanitarian efforts and that he played football for Wingate University.

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