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Updating disaster map

Our service is utilized by homeowners looking at their current or future property as well as professionals in insurance, surveying, real estate, appraising, engineering industries.Both tools are web-based and run on tablets and desktops. The Map Wise GIS Map Viewer is an interactive mapping application that provides access to high resolution aerials, property boundaries, flood zones, wetlands, and more.It can also help by efficiently storing your layer and will quickly load your map under high demand.If your data is updated infrequently and mainly serves to provide visual context to the map, or if it contains a large number of features, publish your data as a hosted tile layer.The standardization of OSM objects and attributes, the process of collecting and validating data remotely and on the ground, resolving imagery offset and conflicts were just some of the topics of focus. Participation of our community members, especially those living locally within the vicinity of the listed villages can assist the success of this project, which is crucial for improving Surabaya’s real-time hazard monitoring and early warning system.The city consists of 31 sub-districts (kecamatan), each containing a varying number of villages (kelurahan) within their boundaries, with 160 in total. Listed as part of the Missing Maps project, the data collected from this process will be free and open, and made available to the public to better respond to crises as well as for other economic development purposes. Not only are they our biggest fans, they’re yours too.

TEPCO has reported that information obtained after calibration of the reactor water level gauges of Unit 1 shows that the actual water level in the Unit 1 reactor pressure vessel was lower than was indicated, showing that the fuel was completely uncovered.→ Chronology of Updates:2 June | 12-18 May | 4-11 May | 5 May | 3 May | 2 May | 28 April | 27 April | 26 April | 21 April | 20 April | 19 April | 18 April | 15 April | 14 April | 13 April | 12 April | 11 April | 10 April | 9 April | 8 April | 7 April | 6 April | 5 April | 4 April | 3 April | 2 April | 1 April | 31 March | 30 March | 29 March | 28 March | 27 March | 26 March | 25 March | 24 March | 23 March | 22 March | 21 March | 20 March | 19 March | 18 March | 17 March | 16 March | 15 March | 14 March | 13 March | 12 March | 11 March | Full Update IAEA BRIEFING ON FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR ACCIDENT (2 June 2011, UTC) → Summary of Reactor Status→ Fukushima Radiological Monitoring and Consequences→ Fukushima Marine Environment Monitoring→ Watch Video On Thursday, 2 June 2011, the IAEA provided the following information on the status of nuclear safety in Japan: Overall, the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remains very serious.The IAEA receives information from various official sources in Japan through the Japanese national competent authority, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA).Tasked with mapping Surabaya’s infrastructure data, HOT commenced with training for the recruited project Data Entry (DE) and Quality Assurance (QA) specialists at the new office in Surabaya. Kecamatan Tegalsari [ Over 350,652 edits and 59,133 buildings were added during the training through the listed Tasking Manager projects.A total of 16 DE and 4 QA specialists were trained in a three-day program, covering the use of the Tasking Manager, Java Open Street Map and Open Map Kit. The tool is being used to divide up the mapping by kecamatan and to strategically organise the data, it also allows individuals from around the globe to participate in mapping for the project.

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The mapping approach for the time in Surabaya will be carried out by separating the city into two sections, where each team consisting of 8 DE and 2 QA will be assigned 15-16 sub-districts. We invite our community members to contribute towards the In AWARE project and support the disaster management of the city of Surabaya, Indonesia, by remotely mapping through the provided Tasking Manager links above.

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