Validating numeric textbox in vb net

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Validating numeric textbox in vb net

However, you can use some simple code in the Key Press event procedure of the Text Box object to test which character was entered, and allow only numeric (and supporting) characters.For example, suppose your textbox is named Text Box1.A textbox communicates that its contents have changed via the Text Changed event.

While working on a program recently, I needed to guarantee that some text input contained only numbers. Visible = False End Sub This works better and it's shorter.

The Lost Focus() event occurs when the input focus leaves the control.

The Private void txt Cr_Lost Focus()event occurs when the input focus leaves the debit text box control.

The above code checks whether numeric data is entered in the Credit text box control.

The default event of the Text Box is the Text Changed Event.

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If you are using a VBA Userform, you are almost surely using the Text Box control, and in many of these circumstances you may wish to restrict what sort of data the user is allowed to enter, such as numeric only.