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While in high school, Blank studied broadcast journalism in hopes that she would become a television anchor. See All Kelly Kelly Photos ▸ Get a unique look into the life of Kelly Kelly as unleashes a massive photo gallery, featuring rare images of the former WWE Diva . After quitting the sport, Blank took up cheerleading.After submitting her pictures to from 1997 to 1998 as an extra and body double to fellow Playmate Carmen Electra (who reportedly could not swim).

▸ While WWE executives have sought the services of Kelly Kelly, the former WWE Divas Champion has not been eager in returning to the wrestling organization she called home for six years. In the case of Kelly, the Jacksonville, Florida native requested a higher guaranteed salary than offered as well as the rights to the Kelly Kelly name for outside projects.I see everyone on 'The Good Wife' - everyone, people who have been there since day one - struggling with that language because it is just not how people talk.: “In the beginning, I was under the spell that maybe Kelly was the innocent one in the marriage.Related Story: John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Are Still Great Friends 36 Years After 'Grease'! It’s simple, John tells ‘Closer’ in an exclusive interview: He and Kelly work at it.From the devastating loss of their teenage son, Jett, nearly six years ago, to ceaseless questions about their membership in the Church of Scientology and rumors of John’s relationships with other men, somehow John, 60, and Kelly, 52, have kept their marriage solid. “I think after the first few years of a relationship, if you don’t create it, it’s not going to exist,” John reveals.

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